Juan Matute Guimon answers YOUR questions! #AskTheAthlete


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You send us a lot of questions through our different Social Media platforms and today, Spanish Dressage rider Juan Matute Guimon is going to answer them!

00:23 What was the name of your first horse ever, and what did he or she teach you the most?
01:02 If you could ride any horse current or from history, who would it be?
01:45 What's your favourite way to form connections with your horses?
02:12 Which is your favourite Grand Prix movement to ride and which is your least favourite?
02:54 What would you do if you weren't a rider?
03:21 Have you had any funny/embarrassing moments during a test?
05:13 Favourite breed of horse and why?
06:11 What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
07:20 What is special about Dressage and have you tried any other disciplines?
08:13 Describe the feeling of when you finished your best Dressage test.

Stay tuned for more episodes! If you have any questions for Ashlee Bond who will be the next interview partner of the community, just let us know in the comments!

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