Ashlee Bond answers YOUR questions! #AskTheAthlete


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This week it is Ashlee Bond who is going to answer the questions you sent us via our different Social Media platforms.

00:13 What do you eat before a show?
00:33 What pets do you have other than horses?
00:44 Who was your inspiration when you were young?
01:09 How many days a week do you train (in and out of saddle)?
01:48 How do you stay fit out of the saddle?
02:17 Do you sometimes get anxiety or fear of failure? If so, how do you deal with it?
03:26 How do you take care of your horses daily? And after training at home or a show?
05:03 What is your most memorable or proud equestrian experience?
06:26 Why did you switch from riding for the USA, to riding for Israel?

Stay tuned for more episodes! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions for Judy Reynolds who will be the next interview partner of the community!

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